Human Resources Consulting

  • HRIS Support

Vendor Selection

We help you find the right solution for your business through a comprehensive vendor selection process. We develop the Request for Proposal and interview vendors for you. Our proven methodology and detailed scoreboard technique helps you select the right vendor at the best price.

Current Business Process Review

To improve your business, you must have a clear understanding of how your current process works. Our outside perspective lets us clearly define, document, and assess that process. We then suggest process improvements guided by industry best practices.

Requirements Gathering

Because we specialize in functional implementation, we can easily identify system needs. We have developed a detailed matrix that maps all requirements for the implementation, verifying that each is adequately configured, developed, and tested.

Training Development and Implementation

Effective training is the best way to encourage user adoption. We help you create a training plan early in the project and evaluate various delivery methods—lecture, online, classroom—to determine the best training approach for your audience.

  • General Human Resources

Employee Engagement Surveys

Many times employees will open up to an outside consultant far more easily than they would to an internal resource. We employ a proven technique to gather employee engagement information through detailed interviews and provide strategic feedback to the business while maintaining employee confidentiality.


We offer retained and contingent searches for all areas including operational, executive, and technical positions. In addition, we can bring in experienced contractors to help support your busy team.


Total Rewards Strategy Development

We believe that compensation can be a powerful force in making your business competitive. The best way to achieve your workforce goals is to build pay programs that affordably drive the behavior and skills that support the success of the business.

Base Pay Structures

We build global organization-wide base pay structures to ensure your employees’ base pay opportunities reflect the skills, knowledge, and accountability that your organization needs. Our strategy aligns your positions with what the market demands and gives you the flexibility to adjust for market variations.

Market Assessment

Using a number of surveys and sources, we collect market data on compensation rates and practices to have a clear picture of the going market rates for jobs, typical compensation opportunity, and compensation program design features.

Custom Surveys

When you need compensation data for a specific industry or group of organizations that is not available from published surveys, we design a custom survey questionnaire to collect it for you. We conduct the survey and develop a detailed report of findings including a side-by-side analysis of your compensation versus survey-compensation findings.

Incentive Plan Design

Incentive plans should do more than reward results. They
should drive the behavior that drives the results. We
help your team develop incentive plans that drive your
business success. The goal: to design an incentive plan
that pays for itself.

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